A rainy, lovey-dovey day…Krista and Sam’s Engagement Shoot!

Last weekend was…in a word or four…spectacularly nostalgic and wonderful! I made the long and celine-dion/glee soundtrack filled road-trip up to good ol’ Huntington University to see my beautiful best friend Felicia Pettigrew’s Senior Art Gallery. She worked on it her ENTIRE senior year…and the finished product(s) were stunning. I don’t think I know anyone else as talented as she. Definitely head to her blog and check out her work!!

So. In the midst of reuniting with some of the most wonderful people I know, and revisiting all the wonderfully charming places in Huntington, I was blessed to get to shoot an old fellow Livingston Hall leader and his wonderful fiance. Despite the freezing weather and drizzle…we had an incredible shoot! The infamous ‘Pool House’ and the beautiful Victory Knoll were perfect places for pictures.  Sam and Krista..you guys have such great chemistry and it shows in your photos! I am so looking forward to your wedding this fall. Enjoy some of my favorites from your session!!

This photo reminds me of growing old together. Sitting on the front porch, watching the world go by, together. Love it you two!

Krista, you definitely have the awesome model laugh down to a “T.’ Lookin’ gorgeous girl!

By the look of that grin I’d say he enjoys those kisses! : )

ummm Krista? Pretty much lookin’ like a supermodel in this one. I looove this photo of you two! : )

So, red umbrellas really make awesome props for shoots…fyi. : )

A-dorable. All of them. Thank you guys so, so much for a wonderful afternoon!




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3 responses to “A rainy, lovey-dovey day…Krista and Sam’s Engagement Shoot!

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! Such talent you have Micala!! 🙂 So fun to have you with me last weekend and thanks for the link! 🙂

  2. Kearstin Criswell


    you two are cute.
    you two are definitely in love.
    you two are filled with character/personality.
    you two are one of my preferred couples.

    micala. you’re talented. no doubt about it. i also love being able to see the photgraphs you take of people you know… it adds to it somehow!


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