One of my best friends is getting MARRIED!!!! : ) Sara & Rob’s E-pics

It was the middle of northern Indiana’s freezing winter, January, 2007, when Jordan and I made the transfer to good ol’ Huntington University. Despite the many feet of snow HU welcomed us with, I’ll never forget the warmth of the friendship I received from this lovely lady, my now dear friend Sara Schinderle. Sara and several other beautiful women who lived on Roush 1st welcomed me with open arms that year, and made my transition to Huntington something to be remembered and cherished. I don’t know how many ‘Friends’ episodes I’ve watched with this girl, or how many bridal magazines we’ve sifted through together. Way too many to count. But I do know what a genuine, life-loving, and altogether hilarious person she is, and I’m so blessed to call her my friend. And now, this wonderful young man Rob has come along and swept her off her feet, which is exactly what our Sara deserves. Sara and Rob, I’m truly honored to be your wedding photographer…and I so enjoyed our time together for our shoot. Despite the CRAZY wind and the BLAZING sun….these turned out great. The love between the two of you is absolutely evident…I kept catching Rob just gazing at Sara during the shoot…he literally just couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, as if she were the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. : ) Can’t wait for your wedding this fall….enjoy these!!

for Anna, Ashley, Brooke, Colleen, Lauren, & Mary – so you can see her blinggg!! : ) It’s beautiful!

Love you both




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3 responses to “One of my best friends is getting MARRIED!!!! : ) Sara & Rob’s E-pics

  1. Anna

    Oh Micala, this made me so teary eyed! Beautiful pictures, beautiful story, wonderful friends! So happy for you Sara dear and miss you all with all of my heart! Love, Anna 🙂

    p.s. thanks for the pic of the bling bling, it almost blinded me 😉

  2. Sara

    MICALA. these are absolutely beautiful! wow, you did such an incredible job! thank you so much again 🙂 Rob and I had such a good time taking them and getting the chance to look through them together. You are so talented and gifted, and we are so blessed to have you as our wedding photographer. My mom and I definitely cried reading your story and looking through these 😉

    Anna, I miss you so much!! Thanks for your continued support and encouragement, you mean so much to me!

    Love you both tons!

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