life’s a garden…ya dig it?

As what seems like the longest winter EVER is finally coming to an end, Jordan and I have taken on a new challenge. During our winter hibernation, we dreamed a big dream…to have a garden this summer. With our landlord’s blessing, we started digging last weekend. And my oh my. How i’m rethinking this gigantic dream we’ve now spent a week trying to turn into a reality. Let’s just say…tilling up a garden with no tiller is a little more difficult than I expected. And poor ol’ Jord has done most of it. This whole digging and breaking up dirt thing has clarified one thing: I have no upper body strength whatsoever. I’m determined to be buff by the end of the summer. I mean, it will be impossible for me not to be at this rate. Here’s a peak…aka…me not being helpful and just taking pictures instead of digging.  : )

note: my shovel standing guard, making sure everything goes smoothly : )

we like to starve our birds….hehe we need to fill that thing up!!

our herbs, patiently waiting to be planted

at least the view is nice!!! : )

my contribution…a new hanging plant for the front porch.

hopefully the next pictures I post will be of healthy, growing plants!!!

pray for us!!




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2 responses to “life’s a garden…ya dig it?

  1. Amelia

    I like your contribution. With traffic on Nicholasville road it might just be as hard a job to run to Lowe’s as it is to til a garden. 😉

  2. Casey

    Micala and Jordan,
    First of all, just wanted to say that we all missed you at Easter! As for the tiller…I have grandmas tiller, and boy does it work better than a shovel and upper body strength! I am so happy that you guys are planting a garden! How wonderful will that be to go in your backyard and pick a veggie or fruit…oh yea…and its FREE! I miss you both, hope you are doing well!

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