The highs and lows of editing…and a special announcement!

I am blessed beyond words to have been able to shoot so many fabulous things this summer. Various weddings, family photos, precious little babies, even the beautiful growth of my garden. However…my one complaint would be the devilish stool that I sit on for hours and hours and hours while editing. I LOVE editing. Love it. But my back does not, especially with the terrible work station that I have set up in my kitchen. The island in our kitchen does, yes, house all of my cookbooks and food network magazines, but…it also becomes a slave to my thousands of post-it notes, my gigantic computer, and allll of our dog-gone mail. (By the way…it’s insane to me how quickly mail accumulates. It’s like, you have to go through it EVERY SINGLE DAY if you want to keep your house clean!!) So.

Sometimes my little work corner can look be a little daunting. I’m sure one day the doc will tell me that my spine is completely out of wack because of the way I sat on this darn stool for so many hours…

See? It looks a little scary, doesn’t it?! But. Sometimes, that fabulously wonderful husband of mine will leave me little surprises by my dreaded stool, just to make that little corner a little more bearable. And this time he left me daisies. In a mason jar. (daisies+mason jars = two of my favorite things in the universe). : ) Aren’t they just lovely?

So, with all that said…I vow to you all, right here, right now, to make it a priority that when we move back to Indiana one day, we will buy a desk and a big, comfy chair where I can sit and edit my photos without turning into Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. : )

Oh…and…that “one day” we’re moving back to Indiana…is in about a month. Surprise! God is leading us back home, and although we’re a little uncertain of the purpose right now, we know our God is faithful and we’re excited to see what’s next for us!

Well…back to editing my friends, hoping to blog a wedding tonight!

Love to you all,




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2 responses to “The highs and lows of editing…and a special announcement!

  1. I love this post. It reminds me of you… (maybe because you wrote it) hah. Anyways. I miss you and tell Jord those flowers in that cute mason jar are just too adorable. You sure did get a good one miss micala! We need to talk soon! oh… and of course… your photos are stunning!

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