Love Grows Where the Garden Grows: A Memoir

        It seems like just a few short weeks ago I posted about the beginning of our gardening adventure! Jordan and I planted our garden the week of my birthday, May 12, and we are delighted to see it growing so beautifully! Last night we drove up to Indy for the Josh Groban concert, and we were horrified when our neighbor called us and told us that a huge storm had come through and knocked down all of our tomato plants! LUCKILY – Jordan was able to rescue them today, and we’re happy to report that none were lost in the storm.

The garden has been something really special to me and ol’ Jord. I’d always heard the saying, “love grows in the garden” or “love grows where the garden grows,” and i’m happy to report that those cheesy quotes proved to be true! Not only was this little challenge of ours a fun and special time for us together, but it also began a love affair for both of us for gardening! Jordan grew up outside – whether he was outside between his own backyard and his Grandma McClain’s, or at his Grandpa and Grandma Dougherty’s beautiful pond and farm – that boy was outside. And, as many of you probably know, I’m not the huge outdoorsy type. I’m the girl who for some crazy reason voluntarily worked at a summer camp in the Redwood Forest and cried the first night because of all the bugs (turned out to be one of the best summers of my life, but still…I love the INDOORS). : ) But, somehow, this garden has been pretty dern special to me, and I’ve even braved the harsh scorching sun on my “hasn’t seen the sun in years” pale skin to actually rescue a few of my plants from different creepy crawlies. So, throughout all of Jordan and I’s lunch break field trips out back to visit our tiny garden, I’ve really learned to love being outside, and it’s been one more special thing for us to add to our list of lovely things to remember about our Wilmore home.

With the move in 2.5 weeks, we’re sadly going to have to tear up this beautiful piece of work, unless whoever moves into our duplex is willing to keep it (personally I think they’d be crazy not to, but we’ll see).

So, as promised earlier this summer, here are some photos of our healthy, growing garden.

oh, and we got a new hummingbird feeder : )

our beast of a zucchini plant!!

i never knew they started out like that!

picking our first zucchini 🙂

the cherry tomato plant is my favorite. it’s so beautiful!

our trusty watering can…i’ve grown quite attached to that old, sun-bleached thing!

the whole thang!

more tomatoes and some of my flowers, they’re blooming now!

i also enjoy the green pepper plants – the peppers are so cute when they first start to grow!

Almost every trip to the garden required a phone call to the wonderful Joy McClain. “Is this supposed to look like that? How do we know when…? How much longer till…” 🙂 Thank you wonderful mom-in-law for all your gardening tips! : ) Couldn’t have done it without you!

We are so excited!!!

The onions didn’t do so well, but so far we’ve used one and it was a dandy!

The view from our back porch – our garden looks so teeny!

Our silly excuse for a back porch, and our super comfortable chairs which we refuse to move, no matter how many times we trip over them trying to come in or out of the house : )

OH, and my pathetic “herbs.” Really just there to look pretty, because I’ve failed to take care of them. Maybe next year i’ll have better luck!

It’s been a grand summer!

Love and veggies,




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8 responses to “Love Grows Where the Garden Grows: A Memoir

  1. Cristi

    This is awesome, Micala!! So glad i saw it:) Love you and miss you!!

    • bernie smith

      When you get back in town, if you miss your garden you can help me in mine! I will teach you to make and can salsa 🙂 Better yet, I’ll do the work and share the veggies with you because I always have too many. Also, I love your description of Jordan growing up outside!! That would be me too. I move anything I can do outside, well, outside. Sometimes I even move my sewing machine (ie: iron, ironing board, etc.) to the back porch. Hugs!

    • thanks Cristi!! 🙂 miss you and love you too…tons and tons!!!!

  2. Aunt Chris

    Great pictures sweetie, you guys are doing great on your garden I cant grow anything. hugs and kisses…

  3. Susan

    I would like to see a picture of you in your lovely garden hat from Charming Charlies!

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