The Beautiful Wedding…of Jessica and Drew!

The day started out extremely hot and humid…or at least I thought so. The beautiful bride, Jessica, informed me a few hours after my arrival that she sure hoped it warmed up a little bit! Jessica loves hot weather, and it’s a good thing, because Texas is now the new home of this wonderful couple.

The wedding day passed beautifully – the flowers were gorgeous; the groomsmen were buzzing with excitement;ย  the bridesmaids, so supportive and fabulous; and, most importantly, the incredibly obvious love between Drew and Jessica made each moment perfect. A huge congratulations to the both of you – may your marriage be richly blessed! Thank you for the honor of photographing your incredibly beautiful day.

Many years of happiness to you,




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6 responses to “The Beautiful Wedding…of Jessica and Drew!

  1. Jean Loper

    Beautiful photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really captured lots of sweet details!!

  2. Mom Evans

    The pictures are beautiful!!!! Just like the couple! LOVE THEM!

  3. Great pics….I love them all!!!! Awesome job ๐Ÿ™‚

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