A Wedding on the Dock: Amanda + Jack

Amanda and Jack finally decided to tie the knot…after a good 9 years of dating, they figured they were pretty much perfect to spend the rest of their lives together! The wedding weekend was a whirlwind…and Amanda handled it wonderfully. Staying up late with Amanda the night before the wedding, I heard some pretty sad stories about this and that going wrong…followed by this and that going wrong again!! But…have no fear…Amanda was probably my calmest and most relaxed bride to date! The morning of the wedding…grey skies. We were thankful for no rain….until it was time to take pre-ceremony pictures!! The skies let loose a silly little drizzle…and Amanda had to make the call. Keep the wedding outside on the dock that backed into the Mississippi River?! Or call it now, and move everything over to the reception venue?! Amanda stood firm – she’d wanted to get married on this beautiful dock, and by golly, she was going to!! Minutes before the wedding…the rain seemed to stop…but lo and behold…halfway through the ceremony…the rain came again! This time worse than before. But you wouldn’t have guessed it by the way Amanda and Jack continued to gaze into each other’s eyes and go about the ceremony as if it were the sunniest most perfect day of the year. The pastor carried on, trying to read his sopping wet notebook pages, and Amanda and Jack just smiled and laughed. I thought this was a pretty neat testimony to the laid back, genuine, and humble love that these two share. No fancy front or facade…these two are in love, and they know how to roll with the punches. : )

Tiki Man, ready to greet guests in his Sunday best!

Her bouquet…beautiful right? Made out of wood shavings!!

Jack’s ring was his grandfather’s…such a neat treasure that he now gets to wear for the rest of his life!

Jack’s sister just so happens to be Amanda’s best friend – she was a great and fun help all day!!

Jack isn’t huge on PDA…Amanda’s dad sneak-attacked him with a big ol’ bear hug : )

GORGEOUS Amanda : ) Even in the rain you’re stunning!

Amanda’s baby sister caught the bouquet!

Adam, Amanda’s little brother, simple adores her. It was evident the entire day just how much he loves her!

Adam also knows how to bust a move. He has no fear when it comes to letting loose on the dance floor!!

Thank you both so much for letting me a part of this tremendous day. Wishing you both an incredible happy marriage!



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