Danielle and Dustin: Engaged!!!

Meet Danielle and Dustin. Two young lovebirds, who’s first names both start with “D.” (Smile). Quite coincidental really, since the last wedding I posted (Courtney and Cody’s) was Danielle’s sister and now brother-in-law! How fascinating. : )

The two D’s are two very dear friends of Jordan and I’s. We all went to college together, shared some fabulous spring and fall breaks together, and by golly. We just love them to pieces. They’re those amazing friends of ours who just “get” us. In fact, we always joke that we’re a cloned couple – Danielle and I both have our, well, “bossy” tendencies, and Dustin and Jordan both have their, well, “needy” tendencies. 🙂 We love em’. And. With all that said – let’s get to the engagement session!

The two graced us with their presence the weekend before we moved back to Indy from Wilmore. They’d been wanting to come visit forever, and the only weekend that ended up working was our last one in Wilmore! Lucky for us!! Danielle and Dustin proved to be just as excellent box-packers as they are friends! We played way too many games of Settlers of Katan, explored Wilmore and Lexington, and embarked on a two-day engagement session. It. was. FABULOUS!! The beautiful Danielle rocks a curly head of hair, so we split the shoot into two days – one day with curly hair, the other day straight. This allowed us to take advantage of the many beautiful areas of our town. Downtown Wilmore, the Red Mile Horse Track, and a delightful Wine Market downtown Lexington. Three very different locations led to a ton of fun photos. And the two know how to work it in front of the camera!! So, here is probably the longest engagement session I will ever post. There were just too many good ones to choose from you guys!

Part One in Wilmore!

girl you lookin’ goooood!!

i loooove her ring!! Dustin did a great job!!

if there’s one thing I loved about Wilmore…well there are like 1000 things i loved about Wilmore..anyway…the hanging flower baskets everywhere. 🙂

Part Two at the Horse Track!

Dustin kept us laughing the whole shoot. He’s good for that. : )

love this one of you two 🙂 beautiful people right there!

Facing Northwest. and facing Northeast. yikes!!!!!! A big ol’ storm came and we were thankful…cooled us down! It was like a bajillion degrees that day!

After the downpour, we made it to the Wine Market…an absolutely adorable bread and wine shop downtown Lexington.

I want big baskets of bread in my house like this. I think it’s so pretty!!

Cuties. : )

The window full of dishes is just gorgeous. And so are Dustin and Danielle.

Beautiful hydrangeas on the way back to the car – my fave!

Phew. I feel like I just relived our weekend together!!! : ) We had such a fun time with you guys, thank you so much for driving all the way down to Kentucktuck to see us!

We’re so glad you were able to see our first home and spend time with us in our beloved Wilmore.

Oh. and did I mention, I get to be in this girl’s wedding in January?!?! EEEE!!!! : )

Love you two,







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2 responses to “Danielle and Dustin: Engaged!!!

  1. Emily

    Such a great job Micala!!! They are just such a beautiful couple 🙂 LOVE LOVE IT!

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