Austin, Tess, & Dalton: Summer Shoot!

I love being a photographer. Because as a photographer, I get the privilege of watching many of my little clients grow up! And that is something special. Something not every profession allows. I am honored to have been able to take baby Dalton’s 6 month photos earlier this year, and now his 1 year photos! He has grown so much in just those few short months…last time we got together, little boy couldn’t even walk! And now he’s just running around like crazy and is as curious as a cat. 🙂 Tess, thank you for letting me photograph you with your little Dalton. He is an absolute treasure, and his many facial expressions never ceased to crack me up as I was editing these photos.

**I will preface these by saying that this shoot was on one of those days in August where it was a bajillllion degrees…so poor Dalton may not have had the best time. But he was a trooper and still managed to pull out some mad modeling skills despite the heat! 🙂


To start things off…I’d say Dalton was a little confused as to why a gigantic black contraption was in his face. He got used to it pretty quickly though 🙂

He loves this!!

Tess you are beautiful!

Have you ever seen so many beautiful brown eyes all in the same photo?! 🙂

A little giggle time mid-photo-shoot. 🙂

This is where model Dalton came out. He did this all on his own…

Aaand made it all the way down for a grand finale pose. Haha such a sweetie.

Wardrobe change! Love his little belly.

He was getting pretty tired of me taking pictures…hehe sleepy boy.

I love his little cow-lick in the back of his hair…a perfect circle!

Annnd he discovered the fountain. And loooved it!!

Then we took him out of the fountain and put him in the flower bed. That he did NOT love. 🙂

But then he found the velvety plant and things were happy again. 🙂

Dalt and mommy 🙂

Love you Tess – and your beautiful baby boy!!



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