Annie the Great

You know all of those famous “Annie” characters that we know and love? Like, the Little Orphan Annie, Annie Oakley, Raggedy Ann, etc. Well. If you rolled all three of those Annies up into one giant Annie, they still wouldn’t be as wonderful and adorable as the Annie I’m talking about! And that is a fact my friends. The Annie I’m talking about is the smartest and most well-spoken 3rd grader I know. She is 8, almost 9, and could carry on a conversation with the president himself. Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean she’s all serious business. No no no. Annie is not only the smartest 3rd grader I know, but she is perhaps also one of the silliest! Her stories and imagination never fail to entertain, and that girl has the greatest laugh in the world. Complete with beautiful auburn hair and the most precious and perfectly placed freckles, Annie is truly a treasure and blessing to all who know her. And I had the privilege of photographing this great Annie, who is, did I mention, my little sister. 🙂

Love you Annie girl,



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  1. Aunt Chris

    Just adorable!!!!! I love them.

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