Country lovin’…Liz & AJ at the Grain Elevator!!

They’d shared hundreds of dinners together. And tonight, they would share dinner together again. Except on this particular night, they would just so happen to be hundreds of feet above the ground. AJ had convinced Liz to follow him up to the top of his family’s grain elevator to enjoy a picnic together and Liz, being the brave person that she is, agreed. Putting her trust in her boyfriend of several years, she embarked on the scary journey up to the top of the elevator.

They enjoyed dinner, light conversation, and a skyline view that people would pay hundreds for in a big city. But tonight, there wasn’t a city in sight. Just the beautiful view of the rolling fields before them, and the bright orange sun setting over it all. After they’d finished dinner, AJ grabbed Liz by the hand and brought her to the absolute tallest part of the elevator. And we all know what comes next! He got down on one knee, and asked Liz to be his wife. With trembling hands and perhaps knees too…Liz said yes!! And now, just a few months later, we returned to their special place for the engagement session. I don’t think there could’ve been a more perfect place to take these photos.

Liz & AJ, you have such a fun chemistry between the two of you, and I had a blast documenting your love for each other. AJ, thanks for being willing to do some silly stuff…you’re a trooper my friend. And Liz…thank you for being absolutely beautiful, inside and out!


Can’t wait for your wedding in March!!!



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