On the Town…Tiffany & Justin’s Engagement Photos!

Their jobs threatened to tear them apart. Transfers sent Justin here, while Tiffany would be there, yet they were determined to stick together. And after following each other from state to state, they’ve finally both found jobs in the fine city of Indianapolis. Their determination paid off, and they have decided to call it a day and get married!!! So, as new Indy-lovers…we had a perfect time exploring some of my favorite parts of downtown, Fountain Square and the beautiful University Park. These two are absolutely made for each other. The way they bounced back and forth with witty quips and loving compliments, it was clear they are head over heels in love.With their million dollar smiles and eyes that had me swooning during editing…they were an absolute joy to photograph! They’re getting married in 2012 in their home state..OHIO…and i’m sure it’s going to be a thrill for all!

Wishing you both the absolute best,




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2 responses to “On the Town…Tiffany & Justin’s Engagement Photos!

  1. Tiffany

    What an experience to work with Micala, she did an AMAZING job as you see and will be using her again in the near future!!

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