The Koenig Family

Meet the Koenig Family… Judy, Ulrich, and Reece. The three of them together are like peas in a pod…and that pod is filled to the brim with laughing gas. I mean, seriously! You get the three of them together and you’re bound to have a good laugh! Reece is filled with hilarious jokes, and he’s not shy to share them with you either. And Ulrich sure isn’t too far behind in that area! Judy I just don’t know how you get anything done with these two to entertain you all the time! 🙂

Jordan and I appreciated you three tremendously during our photo session together. So willing to be silly and have fun, and that makes for silly and fun photos! These turned out beautifully, I hope you enjoy them as much we enjoyed taking them!!

Take a look….

awww what a sweet boy!

sweet…and silly!!

my favorite below…

i spy with my little eye….a hawk in the sky!

love these…you two are so sweet!

Can’t have a photo shoot without a little paper rock scissors!!!! 🙂

Thank you three so much for a fun-filled afternoon! It was great to meet you…and an honor to photograph your beautiful family.

-All the Best!-


To view more of The Koenig’s session…click here for a slideshow!


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One response to “The Koenig Family

  1. Judy Koenig

    Thanks Micala!
    We had a great time with you and Jordan!

    We love our photos!

    The Koenig’s

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