Matthew & Pamela…Lexington Wedding!

Well if there’s one thing I can say about this wedding…it’s that it was an absolute blast!! Pamela and Matthew are two unique souls who delightfully found each other while studying…or should we say flirting… at Asbury Theological Seminary. And let’s just say they are perfect for each other! Pamela is a roller-derby girl…so she’s already pretty awesome…and after marrying Matt, her name is now Pamela Anderson…so…she pretty much has got it going on!! 🙂

Their Lexington wedding was perfect…we had great weather, a beautiful church and reception venue, and…get ready….2.5 ENTIRE HOURS to do wedding photos after the ceremony!! Truly a photographer’s dream! We paraded all the way from Wilmore’s scenic fences, to Derby Park downtown, and then to the incredible Third Street Stuff to wrap it up. Their reception was a detailed heaven…with every fall delicacy you could think of. A beautiful caramel apple bar, exquisitely carved pumpkins, candy corn strewn across sheer overlays atop deep purple table cloths…can you say GORGEOUS?

Pamela and Matt – I so appreciate you allowing me to photograph your perfect day. Thank you for being so creative and quirky…

Wishing you a lifetime of love for each other,




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2 responses to “Matthew & Pamela…Lexington Wedding!

  1. Jean

    Wow, awesome wedding photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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