Katie & Darron: Chicago Engagement

Well if there’s one thing I could say about Katie and Darron, it’s that they’re troopers. We took pictures on a blustery March day in Chicago, and holy wow…it was insanely freezing! Luckily these two grew up spending their summers at Camp Adeline, both as campers and counselors, so they knew how to withstand the extreme conditions. I mean, Katie was wearing a dress and panty-hose for crying out loud! Way to go Katie. You are truly an inspiration to all of us ladies out there. 🙂

But for realz. Katie and Darron have quite the love story – they’ve known each other their entire lives, as their parents and grandparents have been friends for years. As I mentioned, they both are very involved with Camp Adeline, and as campers, their high school summer flirting sessions finally paid off. I’m so happy to see these two getting married in just a few short months, their love for each other and excitement for life is contagious and encouraging.

Thanks for being AMAZING and bearing the frigidness of winter in Chicago! I’m serious about that session in the summer…Cubs game and sailboats here we come!! 🙂

To view a whole bunch more photos from their session, watch this SLIDESHOW!!!!

(*Thanks to The Music Bed for providing the music!*)

Thanks for a freezing yet insanely enjoyable Saturday you guys! And to top it off with that deliiiicious chinese food? Perfection. 🙂

Love to you,





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8 responses to “Katie & Darron: Chicago Engagement

  1. These are really great Micala! You are so talented, but having a good looking couple helps too:)!!! Congrats Katie!

  2. Katie

    Ok first off, I love love love her boots! super cute! Also, I think the last picture on here is my fav! Well done, Mics!

  3. OMG LITTLE MICALA BENHAM IS ALL GROWN UP! These are absolutely stunning. When I get married, I’m definitely giving you a call to fly out (probably California or Greece, at this point). Jeez, what a surprise to look you up and find you doing all of this. Sending love your way!

    • Ahh Nikki!!! Haha so good to hear from you!!! Thanks for the comment, and….YES I’m so in for a California/Greece wedding!! Hope you’re doing absolutely fabulous, so excited to see a comment from you!!! 🙂

  4. Katie

    I never get compliments on my stuff, its always JAN’s stuff.. BUT THESE BOOTS ARE MINE>> BOOYAH Also Micala you did GREAT

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