Senior Session: Mikaela

Meet my girl Mikeala. (Great name, right?!) 🙂 She’s an altogether lovely young lass, with a heart of gold and a face that I’d be happy to photograph every single day. We recently got together to photograph her senior photos, and it’s INSANE to me that she’s graduating in just a few weeks! I know her parents and family are feeling the same way!

Mikeala is an incredibly unique young woman, and was so much fun to photograph! She wasn’t afraid to get her beautiful white pants a little dirty, or perch on the porch of a little business in downtown Greenwood with tons of cars going by. She knows who she is and is so comfortable in front of the’s a beautiful thing really!

Thank you for allowing me to take your senior photos my dear, I am proud of you and can’t wait to see where life takes you!

Love to you Mikaela girl!




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