Family Love, Mad Men Style!

Meet Jennifer, Steven, & Iain!! Jenn is a dear friend of mine…who happens to be an amazingly talented photographer herself! When she contacted me to take family portraits..I was thrilled! And then, when she told me she’d like them to be “Mad Men” inspired…I was even more thrilled!! When I was a camp counselor and we had to introduce ourselves every week with our name and what time period we would love to live in…it was always either the 20’s or the 60’s…both are just so fashionably incredible! So anyways. Jenn & her adorable husband Steve and their adorable baby Iain came down to our neck of the woods for their session, and we had an amazing time. Not only did we get some great photos..but Jordan also got a new best friend!! Baby E got to hang out with Jord while the parents were rockin’ it out on the modeling front…and by the end of the night I think it’s safe to say they loved each other. 🙂 Jenn & Steve…thanks for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful little family!! These turned out great and I absolutely enjoyed taking them for you!

Love to you three!!




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2 responses to “Family Love, Mad Men Style!

  1. Love these! So much fun!

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