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I love Allie, Allie loves Kate, and Kate loves Kenne : A super speedy bridal shower shoot!

Allie is my beloved brother Kyle’s beautiful girlfriend. Unfortunately they live off in the middle of nowhere…some cornfield somewhere in Iowa…or maybe in Los Angeles. Oh yea, that’s right. It is Los Angeles. Like…THE farthest place away in the United States without getting on a boat to Hawaii. But according to Kyle and Allie…it’s a super fabulous place where all your dreams come true and you get to meet Billy Crystal and see other famous people like the chubby kid from The Sandlot at J.Crew and pay $80 to get your hair trimmed. Sounds so dreamy right? Nah. Move home. Now. I’m up to my ears in wallpaper and could really use Kyle’s quick wit and jokes and Allie’s fun decorating tips to help get me through. Buhuh. 😦

Anywhooo. Kate is Allie’s beautiful sister who is getting married this fall. I am thankful that she’s getting married, because her wedding and its’ included festivities are bringing Kyle and Allie home to the best state in the world TWICE. Once for the wedding, and once for Kate’s bridal shower a few weeks ago.  Soooo…after Courtney and Cody’s lovely wedding in Findlay, Ohio on a Friday night, Jordan and I scooted our booties to Indianapolis to see my brother and Allie for a quick second while they were home for the shower. And who can resist a wedding shower, right?!  The location was awesome…Cafe Patachou downtown; the mimosas were splendid, and the decorations were adorable. Allie spent loads of time hand-making all of the details and delectable treats that made the shower perfect! Kate – you’re a lucky gal to have a sister who loves you as much as Allie loves you! So…I stopped in for another quick second to get some shots of the details and such at the shower.

Here are a few shots  – I didn’t have a ton of time time – we had to rush back to Kentucky to get Jordan to work on time…but here’s a few anyway. 🙂

Handmade pinwheels…adorable!

Cake in a jar….best thing ever. Want some cake? oh just throw this in your purse and eat it later when you’re hungry at the boring ol’ grocery store! 🙂

I loooove baby’s breath in mason jars. i mean looooove it.

Yummy cookies and homemade mints…dellllish.

Kate, their mama, and Allie

Slightly awkward photo of us. But i love it anyway 🙂

Super fun shower – thank you Kate for letting me come snap a few photos! Wishing you and Kenne the best!!!!




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