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The BBCFL Best Friends Session…WARNING…adorable!!!!!

Friendships post-high-school graduation can sometimes be far and few in-between. You know how it goes…you have your staple group of friends who are your absolute world, and then all of a sudden you graduate, move away, and in a single orientation weekend are set with an entire new group of peers to develop relationships with. You try and maintain those old friendships as much as you can, but at some point along the way, you realize you haven’t seen your old best friend for five years and you’re wondering, “how the heck did that happen?!?” But. Not for the BBCFL. No sir, these six girls are a living example of that wise old saying, “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.” Yep, I did just sing that out loud as I typed it. 🙂

The fabulous thing about these girls..besides their outfits and beautiful smiles….is that graduating high school didn’t change their relationships at all. In fact, if you ever have them tell you the story of how the BBCFL came to be…you’ll find that they really didn’t even become THAT close until after graduation! And, here’s the beautiful part. They all went to different colleges. Each and every one of them. Some North, some South, some East, and some West. They took on their new busy college filled lives in completely opposite directions, yet maintained and grew their special friendships. And now, this incredibly unique group of girls find themselves once again at a crossroads in life. Some are married, some engaged, some relocating to different states for work, some nearing the end of college not sure of what’s next. But they’re all certain of one thing: that they will remain best friends through it all. And I absolutely tip my hat to that, BBCFL! I have no doubt in my mind that when you are 30, 40, 50 even…you’ll be getting together for your annual Thanksgiving dinner and hitting the movie theaters for “Twilight Part 48: Edward & Bella send Renesmee to college.”

Megan, Kristen, Cadence, Alissa, Laura, and Megan….thank you immensely for taking part in this fabulous photo shoot! You each have such unique and beautiful talents and gifts…I’m so glad I was able to catch a glimpse of those in person and on camera.

To see more photos from their session…click HERE for a slideshow!

Love to you pretty ladies,



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